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Moodboards give an impression of what is envisioned for a space through a collage of images. This could be images of inspiring rooms, specific products or other elements that add to the concept. 

Moodboards are also used to evoke a feeling about the concept. The purpose of interior design is threefold, namely the functional improvement, aesthetic enrichment, and psychological enhancement of the quality of life in interior spaces. So, besides the functional and aesthetic side, a moodboard can also be used to appeal to a psychological response. A colour can evoke a certain feeling, or you can have an immediate response that you either love or hate a style or object shown on the moodboard.


Colour board

A moodboard is important to be accompanied by a colour plan, because colours are powerful and of importance to a space. Incorporating more colour into an interior creates a more personal and unique space, while having the potential to increase the quality of life within this space. Whether you are a fan of contrasting bright colours or ton-sur-ton, a good colour plan can make a space more enjoyable and stimulating.

Colours inspire emotional reactions. Even though these reactions are largely unconscious, colour has the power to affect our quality of life and wellbeing within a space. Every colour has a psychological association and it is important that the colour plan matches your needs. For example, terracotta, a colour which is on the spectrum of orange tones, in general has a positive, uplifting association of good health with a sense of comfort from the earthiness of the colour. The feelings that are evoked by a colour are personal, and therefore we ask you to give information on palettes that suit you before we start the designing process.



Material Board

A material board, the third component of our concept design, is usually not on top of mind when altering an interior. However, in design there is an increased importance of the process and the experience of touch. With this comes the term tactility: the response we have to the sense of touch. Like colour, tactility speaks to our unconscious emotions. In everyday life, people on average touch the screen of their cell phone, an uninspiring surface, 2,617 times a day. It is our task to get the excitement of touch back into our homes.

Sustainability and circularity are topics of importance for many industries, and we also see a rise in innovative fabrics and materials that meet these sustainable mindsets. Besides the use of natural materials, we see new ways of upcycling in design. Think about flooring systems made of natural materials and cacao shells, fabrics made of recycled PET bottles and the introduction of No Waste furniture.

Materials also come in place when thinking about a space’s acoustics and isolation.  This is of increased importance as we spent more time in our homes which we would usually spent in an office and as we are co-working at home.  


2D Sketch

Whereas the first three elements are meant to give an impression of the concept, a 2D drawing is there for the practical side of the story. This top view sketch of the space shows where furniture is to be placed.


3D Sketch

Our realistic renders visualise the complete concept and practicalities of the design. A space can be ‘photographed’ from different angles, giving you the full picture of what your space can look like. No more difficulties using your imagination with conceptual designs.


Make things even easier for yourself by adding one of our add-ons.


Shopping list

This addon takes away the hassle of the endless search for the right products. The shopping list includes specific products, listed with prices and a total sum, which we make sure falls within your budget. The shopping list includes everything that you need to make the transformation happen, from dining table to accessories. Where possible, the products are selected on availability in online shops. This makes it possible to order within just a few clicks. Adding this addon to your package ensures the most hassle-free redesigning process.  


3D Tour

With the 3D tour, you can walk around the space, looking at your space from different angles. This is a full visualisation of the design. Also helpful to show if you need to convince a roommate or partner of the transformation.

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