Frequently Asked Questions

About Brond and our services

Brond is an online interior design service that aims to make interior advice accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should be able to get help with furnishing his or her home. Nowadays it is the place where we spend most of our time, so we have to make sure it is an enjoyable space. We strive to keep costs as low as possible and to create tailored advice for every budget.

Sometimes it is easy to settle for less; moving into a new place and after a while you don’t even notice anymore that the couch and rug actually don’t go well together and that the walls could use a lick of paint. Everyday life takes over and you can’t find the time or budget to put into your interior. However, I believe it is unfortunate to not make your home into a space where you feel fully comfortable and content. It is the place where we spend a lot of time, unwind, recharge ourselves and invite our friends and family over. Besides the aesthetics, our interiors and the colour palettes we use trigger many (unconcious) psychological and emotional responses. Interior design shouldn’t be seen as something that is exclusive, time-intensive and costly. It is fun and you’re giving yourself a present if you create a home you feel great in. Don’t put it at the bottom of your to-do list any longer.

Especially in the current times, in which we are limited to see each other face to face, digital solutions are the new way to go. Brond’s digital solution makes it possible to make the process as hassle-free and quick for you as possible. You can easily share all the needed information via the Brond quiz, the payment is arranged via the website and I will send you your personal advice digitally as well.

You can fill out the short quiz that helps you choose a package here.

The “Styling package” is the right package for you if your room only needs a finishing touch – a lick of paint and accessories such as art prints, candle holders and cushions. If you want (small) furniture, need help with the layout or visualising your room, have a look at the Brond Design Package.

The “Design package” will help you with the full styling and visualisation (2D and 3D images) of your room. This package is the right package for you if you want help with finding the right (small) furniture and accessories, need colour advice and/or help with the layout. 

It’s easy. First purchase the package via this website. Next, go to the Brond quiz and fill it out. That’s all you need to do – now it’s my turn to create your design, which you’ll receive via e-mail within the agreed timeframe. 

All images in the file you’ll receive are clickable and redirect you to the webshop where you can purchase the items. You’ll also receive a list with all items, showing you all prices. 


To make the process of uploading and sharing the required information as fast and easy as possible, I created the “Brond quiz”: a form that can be found on the site via the “Let’s get started” button in the header and where you will be referred to after ordering one of the packages. The quiz takes you step by step through all the questions and documents I need to create your design. When an upload is requested, you can upload documents and photos directly from your device (computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet). 

To get a good impression about the space for which you would like to receive a design, we ask questions that are not directly linked to the space. For example, we ask about the type of house you are living in, (how many) housemates you have, whether you like to host people and if you use the space also for other purposes such as a home office or gym. Knowing these things, we can make sure that the design is completely tailored to you. If you like to host dinner parties, this has an influence on the amount of chairs you need at the dining table. However, if you prefer to not share any of this information with us, you don’t have to. You can decide to skip (one of) these questions if you prefer not to answer them.

I ensure that the delivered design matches the wishes and preferences that you have shared with me. For this reason it is important that you take the time to complete the quiz completely and accurately. The better and more precise the information you provide, the better I can create a suitable design for you. It can of course be the case that you are unfortunately not satisfied with your design. In that case you can contact me (by sending an email to so that we can see together what is not satisfactory and whether adjustments can be made. 

You can pay for my packagages with iDeal, Paypal, SOFORT Banking, Klarna and ING Home’Pay via this website.

Thank you, your submission was successful.

Purchase one of our packages and we can begin creating your personal design. Already have a package? Great! We’re taking it from here.