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You’re struggeling to find the right lay-out, the right coffeetable and accessories to finish your living room. Every time you enter your house, you’re happy to be home, but the bits and pieces that aren’t finished yet are catching your eye. 

You know what you like and what you don’t like, but find it difficult to visualise what it will look like when everything is put together. With photorealistic 3D images you don’t have to put any effort into imagining what your room will look like: the images will show you. This way you can make the best decisions and get most out of your space.

Ready to reach your space’s potential?

Recognizing this..?

How would it be if you:

Could see what your room can look like with another lay-out, some adjustments and fresh items?

And if you could more easily make decisions regarding what colours, materials and interior items to go for? You won’t have to wait until everything arrives before you see what it looks like together. Saving you time and potentially money by making the right decisions straight away. 

Brond Design Package Ipad

“Busy minds deserve peaceful homes where they feel their best self.”

Your Brond Design


Everything you need to create the interior you’ve been dreaming about: 

Per room. Fully tailor-made to your style, wishes and budget. 

(p)reviews of previous projects

“Laura has made a beautiful, attractive, and extensive plan for our bedroom. Our wishes are very well reflected in the design, supplemented with many special ideas from her. Thank you and we’ll be implementing the Brond plan very soon, exciting! “

Caroline – Bedroom in Amersfoort

“Laura helped me figure out which colours and textures I wanted to have in my space, and gave a great and comprehensive list of where I could find all the items to complete the design. The 3D images helped me to envision what it would look like, and made me excited to start the project.”

Ruth – Bedroom in Amsterdam

“I was very happy with how smoothly and quickly the whole process went. (…) I really liked the PDF you sent me with the 3D renderings and how you explained all of the elements of the design. I think you understood the scope of what I needed/wanted very well.”

Irina – Bedroom in Rotterdam

Ready to finally (re)design your space – into a place that suits you?

Frequently asked questions

It’s easy. First purchase the package via this website. Next, go to the Brond quiz and fill it out. That’s all you need to do – now it’s my turn to create your design, which you’ll receive via e-mail within the agreed timeframe. 

This package will help you with a full styling and visualisation of your room. “The design package” is the right package for you if you want help with finding the right (small) furniture and accessories, need colour advice and/or help with the layout. 

The ‘Brond Styling package’ is purely meant for the finishing touch and gives you a moodboard and list of items/ accessories for the final styling of your room. With the styling package you won’t receive a colour and material advice, lay-out advice (with 2D plan), and 3D renders. 

My mission is to give you all the handles you need to style your space. It is of course possible that you’re not fully happy with my suggestions. In that case, we revise the advice together and see what adjustments can be made. I’m only happy when you are. 

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