Hi there, thanks for being interested in my story and the story behind Brond. Let me first share with you how I got my spark for interior design.

Let’s go back to the beginning. While growing up, I lived in the same house I was born in. Even though the actual house stayed the same, my mother would always be changing things around in the house: painting walls, getting new items, browsing through secondhand shops and changing the lay-out. And from a young age, I was her assistant in all this. 

When it was time to start studying, I moved out and moved around quite a bit in the years that followed- from Utrecht to Copenhagen, back to Utrecht, to Rotterdam and Amersfoort followed. This meant packing boxes and creating a new home in student rooms, studios and apartments each time again. And this is where my passion for interior design was born.  

Some facts about me; I have an academic background in Economics and Entrepreneurship, find my inspiration by strolling around cities, and I’m always in the mood for Italian food.  


I believe that everybody should be able to create a home they feel their best self in. Whether you have a small or large budget, a clear idea about your style, or no clue what you’d like. 

I noticed that people around me wished to get some help (re)decorating their homes, especially in the past year in which we spent more time in our homes than ever.

Some had recently started their first fulltime jobs and wished to upgrade their homes to leave the student years- and the matching furniture – behind. Some had bought their first house, or moved in together for the first time. Some had the budget to refurnish their homes, but could not (or did not want to) find the time to sit down with an interior designer. Others wanted to invest their time and effort, but were on a limited budget to do so. 

And there is one thing that most of us agree to: nobody likes a hassle. That is why with Brond I aim to make interior advice as accessible and hassle-free as possible, by offering a quick and easy, all-digitial process. 

My personal interior style is not easily captured in one word- as is the case for many people. It’s a combination of colours that speak to you, items that spark your excitement and an ambiance that make you feel like an interior suits you.


Your home and your interior style are personal matters. That’s why it’s important to connect. This personal connection doesn’t have to get lost when the process takes place online. So, let’s connect and find out whether I can be of help for your interior. 

Send me an email or reach out via social media. We can chat or  schedule a call.  

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